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iSki Tracker Obertauern

With the new iSkiTracker app, you have a unique tool to record and analyse your skiing days (ski diary), a premium service.You can record your skiing day by means of smartphone and then have it analysed. Slope mileage data, elevation and speed as well as a detailed elevation profile and the duration of your skiing day are stored. Tracking and recording via GPS also allows you to find your exact position in the skiing region and to visualise the entire ski day on a map. The iSki Tracker app visualizes all your own ski days and those of friends: skiing region, date, slope mileage, difference in altitude (down) lift mileage (~ number of lifts used), top speeds, photos, map.

Own iSkier Community

Create your own iSkier Community.How? Very simple! With the new iSki Tracker. For at the end of the day, iSkier analyses the skiing day and shares it with friends. In addition, you can view all iSki Tracker partners on the website, the respective ISkiCommunity of the skiing region – a kind of ‘iSki book’ for winter sports enthusiasts. Through the overview on the homepage of the skiing regions (partner), you can access and compare the whole day or overall performance within a skiing region - all independent of the platform. This means that all accumulated (anonymous) data of a ski area are available for comparison: skiing region, date, slope mileage, difference in altitude (down), lift mileage (number of lifts used), top speeds as well as the weather on that particular day.

You have an Android smartphone or an iPhone? You can download your free iSki Tracker for your device here:

iSki Tracker for Android

iSki Tracker for iPhone

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