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Ski Bus

The ski passes transport you from your place of residence or accommodation to Obertauern every hour or half hour. (only valid with an Obertauern or LUNGO ski pass)

Skiers who do not yet have a ski pass and are obviously intending to practise alpine skiing are tolerated as first-time skiers and can use the ski bus.

IMPORTANT: With winter and points cards, you can travel free of charge from your place of residence or accommodation to the lifts in Obertauern and back, but ONLY to practise alpine skiing (in ski clothing). 


You can find detailed timetables here:

Winter Timetable 2023/2024 Low Season

SCOTTY - The travel planner for public transport in Austria

*Ski passes for groups and schools are not valid as bus tickets. For an additional charge of EUR 7.00, a bus ticket can be added to the ski pass. The ski pass then becomes a valid bus ticket for the duration of the validity period. Winter Cards and points cards only entitle the holder to free transport on the ski bus when practising alpine skiing (with ski clothing and ski equipment).

Online Haltestellen Info

At the marked stops you will get an online display of the departure times. Please click on the stop sign in the panorama!

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