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Tariff Conditions of Liftgemeinschaft Obertauern GmbH

Effective as of 30.09.2023

1. General and scope

The individual services to which this card entitles the holder are provided by legally independent companies (Gebrüder Krings Bergbahnen GmbH, Steiner GmbH & Co KG, Tauernlift GmbH, Obertauern Seilbahngesellschaft m.b.H. & Co KG, Schaidberg Sesselbahn Gesellschaft m.b.H. & Co. K.G., Schaidberg Sesselbahn Gesellschaft m.b.H. & Co.K.G. Verbindungssessellift KG, Sonnenlifte Obertauern Gesellschaft m.b.H., Schönalmbahn Betriebs GmbH, Alpenhotel Perner GmbH, Hundsfeldlift GmbH, Kehrkopf - Seilbahn GmbH and Bergbahnen Lungau GmbH & Co KG). The entrepreneur who sells the card acts for the other entrepreneurs as their intermediary only. Thus, only the respective company is obliged to provide the individual services and to pay compensation in the event of any incidents.

The tariff conditions of Liftgemeinschaft Obertauern GmbH apply. For supra-regional tickets, the conditions of the respective ski pool apply. For the Obertauern ski pass, the transport conditions of the individual cablecar companies apply.

2. Costs and payment options

All prices are specified in euros incl. 10% VAT. Prices are subject to change due to a possible VAT increase. In case of overlapping season dates, mixed prices will be calculated by the ticket office computers. Ski passes are issued exclusively on key cards (contactless data carriers). The deposit for the key card is 2 euros. The undamaged and functional key cards from the Obertauern series can be returned to all points of sale and return machines. Subsequent exchange of ski passes already used for another ski pass, transfer to other persons, extension or postponement of the period of validity is not possible. Unused ski passes purchased at another ski resort may also not be exchanged. Lift passes can be paid for in cash or by Maestro debit card in Hobex, by direct debit, VISA and Mastercard.

A lost or damaged Obertauern Winter Card or 10-day selective subscription pass can be replaced with a new Obertauern Winter Card or 10-day selective subscription pass for a €15 administration fee (plus the keycard deposit). Confirmation that the keycard has been blocked and an acceptable photographic ID are needed before a new pass can be issued. If the Obertauern Winter Card has already been used on the day on which the loss is notified, the remaining period of validity of the new Obertauern Winter Card starts on the following day.

3. Use of the services

Use of the ski pass services is subject to these General Terms and Conditions and the transport conditions of the respective cable car and lift companies; these are displayed on site. Furthermore, the regulations and measures prescribed by the authorities in connection with pandemics (e.g. COVID-19) and other measures prescribed by the authorities shall apply.

 Provided that the companies of the Obertauern ski resorts are prepared to provide services, and the running lift facilities permit the use of the corresponding pistes, the customer has no right of withdrawal in the event of bad weather, avalanche risk, unforeseen departures, temporary interruptions in operations, weather-related suspension of operations of individual facilities, closures of individual ski runs, partial operation of a ski area, overcrowding of pistes, or illness of the ticket holder. There is therefore no entitlement to a refund in such cases and the customer is not released from their payment obligation.

The Obertauern Winter-Card entitles the pass holder to use the systems that are in operation on the day on 15 days but not before 15 December 2023 and not after 15 April 2024. However, the lift operating companies of Obertauern voluntarily agree - until revoked - to also allow entitled Obertauern Winter-Card holders to use the lift systems outside of the specified period and for more than 15 days. Exactly when the Obertauern Winter-Card is used is the decision of the customer, insofar as the lift systems are in operation. In other words, the pass holder has no right to a refund if they use their pass on fewer than 15 days.

It is expressly stated that no (pro rata) refund can be claimed if the cable car companies of the Obertauern ski resort are willing to provide services but the user does not make use of them due to personal considerations/decisions. Thus, should, for example, official measures be ordered for the use of the cable car companies’ services (e.g. obligation to present a negative test certificate, proof of vaccination, etc.) and the user is unable or unwilling to provide this proof, no claim to a (pro rata) refund can be asserted.

It is further noted that compliance with the respective official Covid-19 or other protective measures prescribed by the authorities to contain a pandemic is the sole responsibility of the user. Should the user be unable or unwilling to comply with measures prescribed by the authorities, his transport may not take place and no claim to a (pro rata) refund may be asserted.

Similarly, there is no entitlement to a (pro rata) refund or extension of the ski pass if cablecar companies take individual or several lifts out of operation due to low user frequency resulting from government-mandated restrictions, as the user is nevertheless able to make use of the majority of the services offered.

4. Reimbursement in the event of official closure of operations

If the participating cablecar and lift companies with all their lifts and cablecar installations are prevented from providing services in the Obertauern ski resorts due to an epidemic or pandemic or other official decrees (e.g. energy control measures), and this results in a complete closure of the affected cablecar and lift companies for a period of at least 4 weeks from the date of purchasing a Obertauern Winter-Card, the costs paid by the customer for the Obertauern Winter-Card will be refunded as follows for the period of the complete closure:

- with Obertauern multi-day ski passes: on the basis of the actual possible use (example: if closure occurs after the 3rd day of a 6-day ski pass’s validity, customers will be refunded the difference between the purchase price for a 3-day ski pass and the purchase price paid by them for the 6-day ski pass);

- with a Obertauern 10-day optional subscription: customers will be refunded on a pro rata basis for the days of the optional subscription that are not used;

- with the Obertauern Winter-Cards: the refund is made on the basis of an amortisation calculation, whereby it is determined in each case whether the costs of the Obertauern Winter-Cards have already been amortised by the customer's use. This is the case if the card has been used on 15 or more days. Thus, the calculation is made by dividing the purchase price by 14 (days) and multiplying this by the number of unused days.

A refund is therefore not possible if the customer has already used the Obertauern Winter-Cards on 15 or more ski days. If an Obertauern Winter-Card is purchased during a lockdown or thereafter, the customer is not entitled to a refund for the period of the current or already passed lockdown period. The earliest the refund claim can be asserted with Liftgemeinschaft Obertauern is at the end of the season.

5. Refund only in case of accident - injury!

Important - return card immediately! Refunds are only possible from the date of presenting a medical certificate from a local doctor. 2-hour, 3-hour, 11-hour, 1/2-day and 1-day tickets that have already been used, as well as point cards, cannot be refunded. When refunds are made, the tariff for the time used will generally be deducted. Unused days outside the time period of the injury will not be refunded. No refunds for Obertauern Winter-Cards will be made after 28.02. of a calendar year. No refund or extension in case of bad weather, interruption of operations, avalanche risk, closed ski runs, early departure, illness, breakdown of individual lift or cable car facilities or closure of operations ordered by the authorities!

In the case of an Obertauern Winter Card, refunds are made on the basis of an amortisation calculation, whereby it is determined whether the costs of the Obertauern Winter Card have already been amortised by the customer's use. This is the case if the card has been used on 15 or more days. The calculation is therefore made by dividing the purchase price by 14 (days) and multiplying by the number of unused days. 
A refund is therefore excluded if the customer has already used the Obertauern Winter Card on 15 or more ski days. 

No replacement in case of loss or forgotten ski pass.

6. Misuse

The ski pass must be presented to the cable car staff or inspector on request and handed over for the duration of the inspection. Should access to the data be refused, the data carrier may be blocked for the winter season at all lifts within the valid ski pool. If guests are found in the inspection area without a ski pass or with an invalid ski pass, damages will be charged. Misused ski passes will be confiscated without replacement. Pursuant to our tariff conditions, persons with improperly used ski passes will face an additional charge of EUR 50 or an administrative fine of EUR 250.

Obertauern Winter-Cards are linked to a specific person and cannot be transferred or resold to anyone else. In the event of misuse, the ski pass will be withdrawn, reported to the court and a claim for damages will be made. Therefore, please only use the ski pass that was issued to you personally! Holders of Obertauern Winter-Cards are obliged to store their own Obertauern Winter-Card such that others cannot use it. The conditions concerning school and youth groups are referred to accordingly in our price lists. To prove the age of children, young people and also youth groups, proof of age must be provided on request with a photo ID, both when purchasing the pass and when accessing the lifts. The ticket inspectors and cablecar personnel employed in the ski resorts are authorised to carry out all their official duties at all lift and cable car facilities and on all slopes. A photo is required for ski passes valid for more than 8 days. The photo is taken digitally at our points of sale. Ski passes requiring a photo that have either no photo or an invalid photo will be confiscated without replacement and will lose their validity for the rest of the winter season. The justification for obtaining a discounted ski pass must also be shown on request at access controls at the cable car stations. By purchasing the ski pass, the purchaser undertakes to observe and comply with the applicable tariff and transport conditions.

The sale of ski passes or ski passes with a specific period of validity may be discontinued if safety on ski slopes is no longer guaranteed due to overcrowding.

The ski pass must be kept in such a way that misuse by third parties is also ruled out. The right to file criminal charges is expressly reserved.

7. Information pursuant to Section 24 Data Protection Act (DSG) 2000 on “Photocompare”

Please note that, for the purpose of access control, a reference photo of the lift pass holder is taken the first time he/she passes through a turnstile equipped with a camera. The lift staff compares this reference photo with the photos taken each time the lift cardholder passes through a turnstile equipped with a camera. The reference photo is deleted immediately after the lift pass expires. The other photos are deleted at the latest 30 minutes after the respective passage through a turnstile. Please note that it is also possible to purchase lift passes that are technically configured in such a way that no photo is taken when passing through the turnstile, but then random checks by the lift staff must be expected.

Transport occurs after access control has been carried out. The location and number of accesses are stored exclusively for billing purposes, and insofar as this is necessary for the fulfilment of the contract.

Photo capture/data protection: With the purchase of a name-based ski pass (Obertauern Winter-Cards/optional subscription), the cardholder agrees to an automatic registration of personal data. The customer agrees that these data may be computerised for control purposes to prevent misuse of the card and for the purpose of customer care, processed and deleted as soon as they are no longer required, but no later than three years after the last customer contact. The customer can be informed by email/letter about new services and ski offers. This service is free of charge and can be cancelled at any time. With the purchase of a ski pass, the cardholder agrees to a personal photographic recording, storage and processing at the card issuing and access points for control purposes to prevent misuse of the card, whereby this data is deleted upon expiry of the ski pass if the card is used in accordance with the contract.

8. Data protection

The protection of our customers' personal data is of particular concern to the cablecar and lift companies. Customer data is therefore processed exclusively on the basis of the legal provisions (in particular GDPR and the Data Protection Act (DSG)). Reference is made to the privacy statement of Liftgemeinschaft Obertauern GmbH, which is published on our website

9. Choice of law and jurisdiction

Austrian material law applies exclusively with the exclusion of the UN Sales Convention and the provisions of International Private Law.

If the customer is a consumer within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act (KSchG), the court in whose district the domicile, the habitual residence or the place of employment is located shall have jurisdiction for any legal disputes. If the customer is a consumer with habitual residence in the EU, he or she may choose to bring an action before the competent court in Salzburg or before the court in the place where the consumer resides.

In all other cases, the court with subject matter jurisdiction at the registered office of the respective defendant company is agreed.

Subject to cancellation of discounts, errors, typesetting and printing errors.

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